Quality, RN-Directed, Adult Home Care in Portland, Oregon

Our Goal: To provide the senior care with the respect, love, and the honor that they deserve; providing for their personal medical care; and meeting all their special needs in a loving, family, home atmosphere.

Our Commitment: To honor, respect and nurture the quality and dignity of the lives of our seniors.

We Provide Care For:

  • Wheelchair clients
  • Stroke/handicapped clients
  • Behavioral management
  • Incontinence
  • Memory loss
  • We work with seniors who have various medical problems

Services We Provide:

  • Medical Management by a Professional nurse.
  • Supervision of medicines by our R.N
  • Monitoring and coordination of clients general health and welfare by R.N.
  • Excellent communication with the residentís personal doctor.
  • Coordination of our Seniors care with doctors, social worker, nurses, hospice and with a wide variety of in-home therapy services and pharmaceutical services.
  • In-home Lab Services.
  • In-home Dental Services.
  • Mobile X-Ray.
  • All medical and related support to maintain a high quality of life.
  • Referral Services.
    • Even if Dove Care Services does not have a vacancy, we will work with other well-established Adult Foster Homes with similar ideals whose operators we have known and work in the area. This is a free service to you.