Quality, RN-Directed, Adult Home Care in Portland, Oregon

Dove is honored to serve in the adult foster care field. We consider ourselves rich for the diversity and fullness that each resident brings to our lives. Everyone brings their own experiences, their own history, their own wonderful stories...

Dr. Bill Cane

Dr. Bill Cane"I just love the Dove and it's my home now. I'm a retired surgeon and could not feel at home in many environments. I have known the nurse, Orvalee, for more than ten years. She took such good care of my beloved wife's sister and I have a lot of confidence in her. I have some medical problems and I know that I am in good hands here!!
I am so thankful that I can get the medical care and the monitoring I need in a homelike environment. This gives me the confidence and peace of mind I need. I look forward to each day's activities. I like my independence and the joy of the friendships I have developed here. It's my beautiful home and I feel loved and happy here."

Loren Jones

Loren Jones"I have been living at Dove for the past five years and have really loved it. I live in a gorgeous English Tutor house located in a truly picturesque area of Portland. Many days I take a short walk to one of the numerous quaint shops located on Woodstock (Street), and I truly feel blessed. I live in a home where I have dignity and respect. I love my independence and I have just the amount I need. My room is just perfect! I have a bath in my room, and enough space for my hobbies. My room opens onto a lovely backyard, filled with beautiful flowers and a cute little fish pond. My deck is surrounded by raspberries and fruit trees that I eat all summer long. But, above all, I live with a family. The grandchildren love me and I have all the comforts of home."

Dorothy Sandvig

Dorothy Sandvig"I love my beautiful home. The homelike atmosphere, the beauty, the caring and loving personnel fills my life with the happiness and peace I need. I couldn't find a better place. All of the personnel, including the nurses, and the family members are so good to me. I feel respected and have been able to retain as much independence as I am able. Everyone is so good to me. There are two nurses here and I am never without medical attention, day or night. A good foster home like this one just can't be beat. The wonderful homey feeling makes life more meaningful. I loved the juicy pears we picked from our deck this year and the wonderful raspberries just seven feet from our patio door. I have the best of all worlds and I am happy - I get the medical attention one gets in a nursing home yet it doesn't cost what a nursing home costs, it's affordable."